BBL Halo Treatment
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Skin brightening and hair reduction treatment option for fine hairs on the face.

Suitable for: All skin types, other than active acne or very dry flaky skin.
Discomfort level: Nil
Downtime: Nil
Time: 45 mins
Cost: $150 per treatment

Epiblading is a skin brightening and hair reduction treatment option for fine vellus hairs on the face (more commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’). Epiblading uses a small blade to remove hairs and the top layer of dead skin, which often gives the skin a dull, sallow appearance. Epiblading does not cause the hair to grow back darker, thicker or in a larger amount as the treatment does not affect the hair follicle. Epiblading is a temporary hair removal treatment.

Before the Treatment

Prior to any skin treatment at COCO Skin Clinic you will receive a thorough consultation with your Dermal Therapist to determine if this is the right treatment for you. During this consultation, you will be able to ask questions and have any concerns addressed.

During the Treatment

Epiblading is a treatment which has no discomfort nor downtime. We begin by removing any product and oils from your face. A small blade is then used to carefully remove fine hairs and build-up of skin over the face. There is no skin penetration or cuts. The treatment will end with the application of high-quality skincare. The entire treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes.

After the Treatment

After an epiblading treatment, your skin will feel immediately smoother and will appear visibly brighter. You may experience mild redness that will resolve within an hour. Over the following few days your skin may feel ‘rough’ or ‘sandy’. This is the hair growing back in with a blunt end which will soften within 24-48 hours.

The Results

  • Smooth skin
  • Bright complexion
  • Removal of fine facial hair
  • Reduction of surface pigmentation

Number of Treatments

Epiblading is an ongoing treatment recommended every 4 weeks and can be done in combination with many of our other treatments to intensify results. This treatment program is only a guide, your treatment provider will recommend the treatment plan that is right for you.

Best Suited For

Epilblading is a great pre-event treatment – people often report glowing skin and smoother make-up application. It is not recommended for those experiencing active breakouts or those with very dry flaky skin.

For Added Benefit

Pair with COCO Luminous – pairing your epiblading with a COCO Luminous will allow for better penetration of active ingredient in the mask and of the light from the Healite II LED Light Therapy. Your skin will be smooth, hydrated and glowing.

Add a Healite II LED Light Therapy Treatment – adding a Healite II LED Light Therapy to your epiblading treatment will allow the light to penetrate deeper into your skin. Healite II LED Light Therapy is recommended for general skin health improvement and reducing healing time post treatment.

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