Acne Congestion Treatment
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COCO Luminous Skin Treatment

A great starter treatment combining the power of Healite II LED light with a luxe luminous mask.
Can be performed weekly for glowing skin.

Suitable for: All skin types
Discomfort level: Nil
Downtime: Nil
Time: 30 mins
Cost: $100 per treatment

  • 4 treatments @ $350 (Save $50)
  • 6 treatments @ $500 (Save $100)

Our COCO Luminous skin treatment is designed to calm, brighten and improve the health of your skin. The COCO Luminous combines a medical-grade face mask with a Healite II LED Light Therapy to leave your skin looking fresh and luminous.  It is a great pre-event treatment or when your skin needs a quick pick me up.

Before the Treatment

Prior to any skin treatment at COCO Skin Clinic you will receive a consultation with our Dermal Therapist to determine if this is the right treatment for you.

During the Treatment

Our COCO Luminous is a comfortable treatment with no associated discomfort or downtime. You will receive a double hot towel cleanse followed by a skin assessment. A Healite II LED Light Therapy treatment will be used to improve redness, increase skin health or calm acne breakouts. You will also receive a bespoke medical grade mask to further target your concerns. The mask can be worn home or removed in clinic depending on your preference.

After the Treatment

After a COCO Luminous treatment, you may experience some mild redness from the warmth of our Healite II LED Light Therapy, this will resolve within a few minutes.

The Results

  • Healthy, glowing skin
  • Reduction of breakouts
  • Increased hydration

Number of Treatments

Our COCO Luminous is a treatment that is best performed weekly or fortnightly to maintain a healthy glow in your skin. It is also an excellent choice for pre-event skin prep or to give as a gift.

Best Suited For

COCO Luminous is suitable for any patient, including sensitive skin types, who want to achieve healthy, glowing skin. There are no contraindications, no discomfort nor any downtime.

For Added Benefit

Pair with Microdermabrasion – a microdermabrasion will improve both the Healite II LED Light Therapy and medical grade mask’s ability to penetrate the skin.

Pair with Epiblading – epiblading will enhance the results of a COCO Luminous by improving the penetrating of the Healite II LED Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation and medical grade mask. Epiblading also creates a smooth base for makeup by removing ‘peach fuzz’ making this an even more effective pre-event skin prep.

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