#4 The Cleanser 100ml




The Integrity Collection 

Integrity. Fulfilment. Harmony. 

The Story

A restorative evening ritual. This luxurious crème formulation re-establishes skin integrity as all remains of the day are gently removed. Your evening cleansing routine elevated to a rewarding skin ritual.

The Promise

  • Skin appears more hydrated
  • Skin feels softer and more supple
  • Comforts skin, soothing the appearance of irritation
  • Gently cleanses to optimally prepare skin for night-time actives 

The Ritual

Massage cleanser over dry or damp skin. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for night. 

The Research

The skin’s outermost layer, the Stratum Corneum, exists to perform its vital barrier function. 

An exquisitely balanced composition of lipids, comprised of ceramides, cholesterol and triglycerides comprise a living barrier that keeps skin moist and supple, helping to prevent infection by providing a shield against sunlight and other environmental aggressors.

These ‘living lipids’ are also crucial to cell-to-cell communication and biochemical signalling, forming a dynamic, interactive interface between the skin and the outside world. 

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