The area under the chin is a common place many people experience a stubborn pocket of fat. Fat in this area can put your side profile out of balance and it can also make you appear as if you are carrying excess weight.

Fat accumulation in the under-chin area is not related to your Body Mass Index (BMI). In fact, we have routinely treated people of all sizes who are bothered by under chin fat (including people in the healthy weight range). The most influential factor in determining under chin fat is genetics.

Prior to treatment, it is important to have a consultation with Dr Jane Lucas to determine the cause of the under-chin fullness. Other medical issues such as thyroid enlargement can result in under chin fullness or double chin appearance. If the cause of under chin fullness is due to fat overlying the neck muscles, it may respond well to certain fat dissolving treatment options.

Traditional treatment options include surgical liposuction or cryolipolysis which breaks down fat cells by freezing them. However, now there is a third treatment option – non-surgical Fat Dissolving Injections. It is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring substance which is found in our bodies. It is injected into the area of concern and it permanently dissolves and destroys the fat cells. The destroyed fat cells are then excreted by the body’s natural processes.

Treating the stubborn pocket of fat under the chin using Fat Dissolving Injections can help define the jawline, balance facial proportions and transform the side profile. If you’re wondering if under chin Fat Dissolving Injection treatment is an option for you, please book in for a consultation with Dr Jane Lucas at COCO Skin Clinic.

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Fat Dissolver Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Fat Dissolver

Permanent results achieved using a synthetic version of a naturally occurring compound found in our own bodies. Most commonly used to treat under chin fat.

Suitable for: Permanent fat dissolving treatment for under chin and other small areas of stubborn fat.
Discomfort level: Minimal-Moderate (we use several numbing methods to ensure maximal comfort).
Downtime: 2-5 days (swelling and bruising is expected).
Time: 45mins
Longevity: Permanent
Cost: $1350 for 1 treatment, $2450 for 2 treatments (most people required minimum of 2 treatments).
Subsequent treatments are $1250 per treatment.


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