Sagging skin or laxity is often one of the most common concerns amongst our patients.

Skin laxity can be due to a variety of causes including the normal aging processes or due to lifestyle factors such as weight loss and is often seen post-pregnancy. The best way to test for skin firmness is to gently pinch the skin – if it doesn’t bounce back quickly, there is evidence of skin laxity.

As part and parcel of the normal aging process, there is loss of fat pads in the face and reduction of collagen and elastin. Even bone loss occurs – all which lead to the breakdown of the ‘scaffolding’ of the skin. Visually, this presents as sagging or thin and crepey skin. The best outcomes are achieved when we combine multiple treatment modalities to address different layers of the skin.

To improve collagen and elastin, we recommend treatments such as Medical Grade Skin Needling (Dermapen), Skin Tyte II Skin Tightening, Halo PRO Laser Treatment and Skin Boosters. Book in for a consultation with one of our skin professionals to find out how we can help you achieve firmer, tighter skin.

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Recommended Treatments

Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

SkinTyte II Skin Tightening

SkinTyte II Skin Tighetining is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment which uses heat to initiate your skin's natural healing process to create collagen and elastin - leading to tighter and smoother looking skin.

Suitable for: Any area of the body where skin laxity is an issue – eg jowls, neck, abdomen (post baby or weight loss), around the eyes, etc.
Discomfort level: Minimal
Downtime: Nil
Time: 30-60mins
Cost: Eyes $300, Lower face $500, 3/4 Face (including eyes) $700, Neck $600, Lower face and neck $900, 3/4 Face and neck (including eyes) $1000, Half abdomen $850, Full abdomen $1250, Half arms $900, Knees $700.

  • Buy 2 and the 3rd treatment is 25% off
  • Buy 5 and the 6th treatment is 75% off

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Skin Tightening Treatment by Dr Jane Lucas
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Halo PRO Laser (By Dr Jane)

The next level in skin rejuvenation treatment. Halo PRO by Dr Jane incorporates 2 lasers in one for impressive results.

Suitable for: All Skin Types
Discomfort level: Mild-Moderate (we use prescription numbing cream)
Downtime: 5-7 days
Time: 90mins
Cost: Full Face $2299 per treatment, Full Face & Neck $2799 per treatment, Full Face, Neck & Dec $3299 per treatment

Skin Boosters Tile
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free


An injectable moisturiser to plump and hydrate skin. Results in a long-lasting natural glow. Minimises the appearance of scarring.

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Excellent for fine lines/dull skin.
Discomfort level: Minimal (we use several numbing methods to ensure maximal comfort).
Downtime: 2-5 days (mild swelling and bruising is possible).
Time: 45mins
Longevity: 6-12 months
Cost: $399 for 1ml


Skin Needling Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Medical Grade Skin Needling (Dermapen)

Highly regarded and world leading skin rejuvenation treatment which uses the body’s own natural healing ability to firm, plump, brighten skin.

Suitable for: Most skin types, pigmentation, skin aging, acne/acne scarring, surgical scarring, dry/dull or sun damaged skin and fine lines
Discomfort level: Nil-Minimal (we use medical grade numbing pre-treatment)
Downtime: 24-48 hours
Time: 60 mins
Cost: Full face: $350 per treatment
Full face, neck & dec: $450 per treatment
Packages and Add On Enhancers available:

Full face:
4 treatments @ $1225 (Save $175)
6 treatments @ $1750 (Save $350)

Full face, neck & dec:
4 treatments @ $1575 (Save $225)
6 treatments @ $2250 (Save $450)

ADD ON bespoke serum mesotherapy: $50-$70
ADD ON bespoke mask: $60
ADD ON Healite II LED Light Therapy: $60
OR ALL 3 enhancers for maximal results $100-$120

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