We all have body hair – but excessive or unwanted hair can be embarrassing and a nuisance. It can make you feel self-conscious and may negatively impact your self-confidence.

Vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz) on the face is also a common concern for some people. It can make the skin appear dull and lifeless. The characteristics of a person’s body hair including hair colour, thickness and distribution is determined by several factors including genetics, hormones, ethnicity and certain medical conditions.

Hair grows in three phases – anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the active hair growth phase. Light based permanent hair reduction treatments target the pigment found in hair that is in anagen phase. This light energy is then converted to heat which destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair from growing back – permanently. Therefore, permanent hair reduction modalities require the hair to be pigmented. This means very fine, white or grey coloured hair cannot be treated using light based permanent hair reduction treatments (no matter what anyone tells you!). Also, as not all the hairs will be in the active growth or anagen phase at any given time, multiple treatments are necessary.

COCO Skin Clinic are proud to offer Forever Bare BBL™ Permanent Hair Reduction treatment. It is the world leading treatment in permanent hair reduction – it is gentler and safer, yet more effective than other traditional light-based treatments. It has virtually no down time and often, as little as just 3 treatments are all that’s required.

Epiblading is a non-invasive treatment option to remove facial vellus hair and the dead, lifeless top layer of skin to reveal fresher, youthful skin.

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Recommended Treatments

Hair Reduction Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

BBL™ Forever Bare

An exceptionally effective and quick solution for those seeking permanent hair reduction.

Suitable for: Permanent hair reduction for all skin types (including the unique ability to safely treat dark skin).  *Please note treatment area must be shaved prior to appointment.
Discomfort level: Nil - Minimal
Downtime: Nil
Time: 15-60mins
Cost: Upper lip or chin $70 (both $120), half face $180, full face $250, bikini $180, extended bikini $200, Brazilian $250, underarms $180, half arms $250, half legs $350, full arms or half chest or half back $450, full legs or full chest/abdomen or full back $550.

  • Buy 2 and the 3rd treatment is 25% off.
  • Buy 5 and the 6th treatment is 75% off.


BBL Halo Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free


Skin brightening and hair reduction treatment option for fine hairs on the face.

Suitable for: All skin types, other than active acne or very dry flaky skin.
Discomfort level: Nil
Downtime: Nil
Time: 30 mins
Cost: $150 per treatment

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