Dark circles, eye bags, hollow tear troughs and droopy eyebrows/lids are common concerns amongst people of all ages. Some of these changes can be noted in our early 20’s (sometimes even earlier!). There are several contributing factors – including genetics, ethnicity, medical conditions, lack of sleep, hollowness/volume loss around the eyes, pigmentation, dehydration and allergies.

Patients commonly report that they appear tired, despite getting adequate and restful sleep. Dark eye circles, eye bags and droopy eyelids can negatively impact an individual’s confidence, but the great news is that there are several non-surgical treatment options.

Tear trough hollowing is graded into 3 main categories and treatment is tailored to each patient depending on the severity grading. It is a delicate area as the skin around our eyes is naturally thin. Accordingly, this area needs to be treated with careful consideration of all these factors. COCO Skin Clinic specialise in under-eye treatments and Dr Jane Lucas will formulate the appropriate treatment plan for your individual needs following a thorough consultation.

We routinely combine advanced skin treatments such as Medical Grade Skin Needling (Dermapen), Meso-Peel Eye and SkinTyte II Skin Tightening to increase collagen production and to reduce skin laxity around the area. By adding in a selective combination of non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, we can achieve fresher and a more confident you. Looking the way you feel is possible – book in for your consultation with Dr Jane Lucas to find out how we can help you.

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Recommended Treatments

Anti Aging Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Wrinkle Relaxers

Most effective treatment option for relaxing facial expression lines.
Commonly treated areas include frown, forehead, crow’s feet, brow lift, bunny lines, dimpled chin and gummy smile.

Suitable for: Unwanted lines and wrinkles
Discomfort level: Minimal
Downtime: Nil
Time: 15 mins
Longevity: 3-5 months
Cost: $249 for 1 area, $449 for 2 areas, $649 for 3 areas. Only $130 for any additional areas.


Dermal Filler Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

Dermal Fillers

Using premium dermal fillers, we sculpt and enhance specific parts of the face.

Suitable for: Lips, Cheeks, Chin and plump up deep lines eg smile lines/nasolabial folds.
Discomfort level: Minimal (we use several numbing methods to ensure maximal comfort).
Downtime: 2-5 days (mild swelling and bruising is possible).
Time: 45-60 mins
Longevity: 12-18 months
Cost: Premium dermal filler $699 for 1ml, $1399 for 2mls, $1999 for 3mls, $2599 for 4mls, Tear trough $750. Premium structured volumising dermal filler $799 for 1.2ml, $1499 for 2.4mls.

Chemical Peels Treatment
Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

MesoPeel Eye

An intensive medical grade peel concentrated around the eye or mouth to target product build up or signs of aging.

Suitable for: All skin types
Discomfort level: Nil
Downtime: Nil (mild redness/flakiness may occur for 24-48 hours)
Time: 20mins
Cost: $100 per treatment

Payment Plans Available 6-12 Months Interest Free

SkinTyte II Skin Tightening

View Current Offer Neck & Lower Face Special

Suitable for: Any area of the body where skin laxity is an issue – eg jowls, neck, abdomen (post baby or weight loss), around the eyes, etc.
Discomfort level: Minimal
Downtime: Nil
Time: 30-60mins
Cost: Eyes $300, Lower face $500, 3/4 Face (including eyes) $700, Neck $600, Lower face and neck $900, 3/4 Face and neck (including eyes) $1000, Half abdomen $850, Full abdomen $1250, Half arms $900, Knees $700.

  • Buy 2 and the 3rd treatment is 25% off.
  • Buy 5 and the 6th treatment is 75% off.

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